Looks Like Solar Power Here To Stay

The last time they looked, it did not look as though the sun was about to die. Planet earth, on the other hand, well now, that is another matter entirely. Because at the rate things are going right now, earth may not have any place for human, animal and plant life. But it will still revolve around the sun. At the time of writing, scientists expect that the sun will continue to be at the center of this solar system for at least another billion years.

Much of earth’s problem has to do with what has been happening over the last two-hundred years or so. The earth has had to deal with no less than four Industrial revolutions. But in that time, it would be awesome to find out for certain, just how many times the earth, and all the other planets in the solar system, revolved around the sun. And to think that long before the first Industrial Revolution there were those who insisted that the earth was the center of the universe.

And that it was flat. Knowing what you know today, you would be thinking to yourself; how is that even possible. But so it goes. And those who stubbornly insist on burning the earth’s atmosphere with coal and oil instead of doing the right thing by wind power, hydro-electric plants and solar panels new jersey installations may be characteristically similar to those who once believed that the earth was flat.

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But talk about money to them and they might just be interested. Solar panel installations have the capacity to generate so much energy that the user would not know what to do with it other than to sell it forward, and that he can do too.